Meet the Team

We first met in college in Chapel Hill, North Carolina in 1981. Married as Peace Corps volunteers in Paraguay in 1984. Then took paid jobs and raised a family near Washington, DC. Until one day, we decided to hop off the merry-go-round.

So we quit work, bought a pick-up truck, and loaded it with gear for camping, hiking, biking, kayaking. We had so much fun that an eight-month cross-country road trip turned into a 26-month adventure on four continents.

Now our vagabonding is over...or at least paused. We've put down new roots in Ashland, Oregon with a welcome mat at the front door for our many friends and family. Come visit!



Lorrie is our chief navigator and planner. She is also the one who did most of the work to get us ready to go way back in 2017 -- selling our stuff via seemingly endless Craigslist interactions, outfitting our pickup truck, organizing our packing list, planning our going away parties...and much more! Now that we are settled in Ashland, Oregon, she is happiest poking around in the dirt of our gardens and re-connecting with her piano.

Hiking at Slovensky Raj


Bob was our principal driver while we were traveling (mostly because he feels carsick if he tries to read as a passenger). He's usually the one who starts conversations with strangers on his endless quest to figure out how the world works and how it all fits together (good luck with that!). Here in Ashland, he is focusing most of his attention on local matters--though everything has global repercussions, and vice versa.