First Missive from Argentina

We arrived in Buenos Aires early Saturday morning, February 3, after 2 flights and 10 hours of flight time. We allowed ourselves three days for roaming around Buenos Aires, checking out the craft beer explosion underway near our AirBnB loft apartment ($63/night) in the trendy Palermo Soho neighborhood (yum), visiting …

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Death Valley: We Loved It

We left Joshua Tree National Park for Death Valley with a sense of excitement and adventure.  I vividly remembered a 2007 conversation in which a friend told me that Death Valley was one of her favorite national parks.  “What??!!” I was astonished.  More recently, we heard about others similarly saying …

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Desert Redux

It seems like ages ago. But it was just six months ago, in mid-May, when we started our national park journey in the mind-boggling desert landscapes of southern Utah.  More than 23 national parks later, November marked our return to the great North American deserts in all their varied and …

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Of Friends and Oysters

In Bob’s  September 8 blog, he noted that he would be going to Italy and Florida for a few weeks while I stayed in the Pacific northwest.  It was strange to be apart after four months of non-stop togetherness, and sad to interrupt our camping and hiking mojo. In particular, …

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Our First 100 Days

In preparing for our eight-month tour of the western United States, we loved talking about our plans, gathering suggestions and ideas from family and friends, and waxing dreamily about what we hoped we would do.  We inaugurated our trip on May 1, setting out from our home in Bethesda, and …

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Ode to Journey

We accepted a new job:
To visit places that others fought passionately and successfully to preserve.
Explore them, admire them, give thanks.

Push ourselves daily
Then eat ravenously and hope to clean up before dark.
Collapse in our cozy tent bed and sleep blissfully in the outdoor air.

Perform minor …

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Paddler Agonistes

Kayaking is one of my favorite activities, so I thought I should share the agonies and ecstasies of our kayaking experience so far.

I have always wanted to kayak in the western states.  So, in the months leading up to our trip, I was calculating how we could spend some …

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Six Weeks, Six National Parks

We’ve been focusing our trip principally around visiting national parks.  Since we made a beeline for Utah after visiting Elise in Albuquerque, we were able to visit a slew of parks relatively quickly.  Rather than write a separate blog about each one, I thought I’d just give a brief recap …

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