Email notifications fixed

Some of our friends have reported that they are no longer receiving notifications when we post a new blog. I guess that’s the downside of learning how to manage a website without proper training… I probably deleted the function by accident while updating one of the features. In any case, we called Hans to the rescue (, and it should be working again. We have not been blogging very often, but there are probably a few new posts since you last received an email notification. Our most recent blog was about canoeing Labyrinth Canyon on the Green River, which includes a few pictures and a soundscape. More coming soon….

6 thoughts on “Email notifications fixed”

    1. Awesome! Elise has gone a few times with a friend who makes and sells tie-die items at festivals. She encouraged us to go.

  1. Glad that you are back on line. We were wondering what happened to your blog. We will be in the Telluride area next month. Any must sees or hikes to recommend?

    1. We spent more time hiking around Ouray, which is close on the other side of the mountains, but 50 miles away by road. Many great hikes there to recommend! Telluride is beautiful!

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