Lessons from Alpacas

On Saturday night we had the pleasure of hanging out with a wise and handsome group of alpacas. These charming dudes–Bill, Decoration, Cielo sin Estrellas, Linoleum, and Luis–live with Beth, Kemper, and their three kids–also charming!– on a lovely organic lavender-and-more farm. I’ve uploaded some photos.

This was my first close-up encounter with alpacas, and I found them very intriguing. I couldn’t decide if they were most like a rock band or a band of aliens. If you are an alpaca, these are the rules you live by:

1. Always stay close to your friends and family. If you need space for individual expression, at least stay on the periphery of the main group. Don’t ever let yourself become completely separated from the others.
2. When you meet someone new, maintain constant eye contact. look them directly and intensely in the eyes. Never ever blink.
3, Pick one location that will serve as a toilet for the whole group and use it faithfully.
4. Don’t let anyone touch you unless you know them very well. And even then, don’t let yourself be drawn into the pleasures of being stroked.
5. If you find food on your friend’s back, you have license to eat it off for them.
6. If someone offers you something to eat or drink, maintain a healthy skepticism. Do not succumb to peer pressure. Never drink beer.

It’s great to be on the road!

4 thoughts on “Lessons from Alpacas”

  1. Bob, Lorie;
    You are moving fast!! are you in a hurry?
    Take a look at Taos. Is not far from Albuquerque.

    1. You’re right Sergio. We crossed the country quickly to get to Utah ahead of the really hot weather. Now we’re going to slow down. Elise is also encouraging us to go to Taos, one of her favorite places!

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